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Mar 30, 2020 | Events


From April till June, Cyber Security Management lets you discover 3 of its specially curated European solutions. Each month gives you the chance to try out some of the rising European defence technologies.

With these free monthly trials, you can see for yourself the efficiency of these solutions in protecting your network against phishing, intrusions and other cyber attacks. As the amount of attacks has been particularly on the rise in 2020, it is time to…

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In April: Oodrive. How do you make sure that sensitive data & content are safe ? Try our secured collaborative sharing platform.

In May: Cyberwatch. An intuitive platform to effectively monitor and patch vulnerabilities on your assets including IT, OT & website.
In June: Conscio. Building walls is good but not if someone opens the door. Try our sensibilisation platform now and take the first step in raisin your organisations’ cyber maturity.


For your information

In March: Vade Secure. The first logical step in an efficient defence is email protection on your O365 environment. +1B mailboxes protected worldwide and only one click to activate.


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L’éclairage de SOLUTIONS


Comment reconnaître les arnaques de PHISHING les plus courantes? Et donc comment les éviter? Quelques pisted de réflexion avec VADE SECURE.

91 % des attaques démarrent par un mail ! Si cet ordre de grandeur dépasse l’entendement, c’est pourtant une réalité. Question : malgré les dispositifs mis en œuvre et les actions de sensibilisation effectuées, pourquoi ce type d’attaque continue-t-il de piéger les utilisateurs ? LA SUITE