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GenAI, ster van Devoteam’s TechRadar 2024

mrt 15, 2024 | Ai NL | 0 comments

Third edition of TechRadar, the guide to emerging technologies that Devoteam recommends to its clients. 150 technologies listed. One third are related to genAI!

More than half of the technologies presented (82) are making their first appearance in the TechRadar 2024, compared with 70 last year, 24 of which are directly included in the circle of 59 star technologies that Devoteam recommends its clients adopt. Of the 68 technologies already referenced last year, 18 have moved up at least one notch in maturity. Each technology is then described in detail by one of the 96 contributors to this edition.

Unsurprisingly, this latest edition of TechRadar is dominated by artificial intelligence. Pointing out that a third of the technologies presented are linked to genAI, Gert Jan van Halem, the Group’s CTO and head of the event, concludes that “generative artificial intelligence is becoming the main driver of innovation“.

At unprecedented speed…

A veritable tidal wave. The metaphor is all the more justified in the case of GenAI as the phenomenon has spread at an unprecedented speed. “We are at the dawn of an era in which technologies, whether in computing, communications, healthcare or industry, are inevitably marked by the omnipresence of artificial intelligence. These days, it is increasingly clear that emerging technologies are either intrinsically endowed with generative capabilities, or are greatly enhanced by intelligent systems,” notes Gert Jan van Halem.
 GenAI will spread more and more rapidly across all fields of application via functionalities integrated into the usual tools. This means that technological choices will now have to anticipate the likely increase in operations using GenAI, while managing the major problems inherent in its implementation, namely security, ethics and human resources.

In search of new skills

“Companies will need to have a technical environment that enables AI to deploy its full potential. Among the prerequisites, the move to the cloud and the implementation of rigorous data management are priorities. The arrival of GenAI will also require new skills, both to develop new solutions and to use them wisely,” continues the CTO.