Identify and promote your business differentiator

Yesterday, through technology, organizations sought to automate their processes.
Today, they are looking for a business differentiator for the benefit of their customers.

In this context, SOLUTIONS’s mission is to let people know, as a company or organization, what you do, also to express your ideas and your vision to your targets.

Are you the CEO of a company? 

You seek to promote your products, services and skills to your customers.


SOLUTIONS presents them in a context of transformation or acceleration of their business


Are you a marketing manager?

You are constantly challenged by the sales force and management on the added value of your marketing and communication actions.

SOLUTIONS implements and measures them.

Are you responsible for sales?

You have achieved great commercial successes that you want to promote.


 SOLUTIONS has your customers testify to your credibility

Transform information and knowledge into performance


Trusted Advisor present on the market since 1993, SOLUTIONS, full digital media, meets your two main challenges
Create and distribute your content

Whether on the basis of opinions, interviews, case studies. For the launch of a new offer, etc …


Optimize your conversion funnel

According to your visibility, notoriety, or conversion objectives

Make your content … a medium!

SOLUTIONS advises and supports Belgian and Luxembourg ICT players in achieving their communication objectives.

Deliver valuable business content

Due to its proven methodology for creating business content, SOLUTIONS certifies the value of the content delivered. (Business content)

Optimize your organic SEO

Finding your brand, your offer on the first page of search engines is of utmost importance. All our editorials are written according to SEO rules. (Search   Engine Optimization)

Generate leads

The content is tuned according to the phase of the customer journey. The role of SOLUTIONS: To transform an anonymous visitor into an identified visitor.

SOLUTIONS makes the best use of Business Content at the service of your Lead Generation process

Our services  

SOLUTIONS… a range of services depending on your budgets and your strategic objectives


Offre Media business content 

Package of articles (+/- 5000 characters per article) of business content comprising three sentences:

  1. Pre-drafting ((interview, information research, etc.)
  2. Content writing
  3. Dissemination on our sites, newsletters and social media
Competitive Intelligence 


Competitive intelligence on our clients’ themes

  • Processing, formatting of information and submission of a report
  • Exclusivity guaranteed by theme
Offre Marketing Collateral


Video production

  • Teasing or explanatory according to your needs
  • Content – Interview – Shooting- Editing
  • Specially designed for the web with subtitling
  • Distribution campaigns on our web and social media


Réalisation de E-Book

  • Phase de préparation
  • Rédaction des contenus
  • Layout , reportage photo, sélection
  • Possibilité de traduction (NL / EN)


Réalisation de landing pages (support et contenu)

  • Design, partie technique et mise en place
  • Rédaction du contenu



SOLUTIONS guarantees full ownership of all its documents on your own channels

Some key figures

Take advantage of more than 30 years of experience in information technology!
Newsletter: Open rate

+/- 34,8 %

Facebook: Average monthly reach

+/- 37.950

Cumulative page views

+/- 80.400


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